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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sago Melaka Lapis 沙谷糕

Recipe adapted From  Delicious Nyonya Kueh & Desserts

A) 400 g sago 沙谷
     300g water 水

B) 210 g grated white coconut 椰丝 (我减至100g, 其他等Kueh 完成才撒上)
     220 sugar 细纱糖
    pinch of salt 少许盐

C) Gula Melaka 椰糖
     4 T water 水

 D)  pandan Juice 4 T 班兰汁


1. Soak A for 30 mins  A浸泡30分钟,滤去水份。
2. Melt C over low heat. Strain and cool. C 煮溶.
3. Mix 1 and B well, divide into 3 portions . 将沙谷和B混合均匀, 分三份.
4. Add C to  portion 1, add D to portion 2, set aside portion 3. 一份加入C, 一份加入D , 一份原味.
5. Line 7 inches square cake tin with banana leaf. 7 寸方模, 铺香蕉叶.
6. Spread portion 1 in the tin, press lightly with spatula, Steam for 30 mins. 倒入一份沙谷,蒸30分钟至透明.
    (Sago should look transparent)
7. Repeat for the other 2 layers. 另外两层重复步骤.
8. Cool before cutting. 待凉才切.

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