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Thursday, December 17, 2015

No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake 免烤巧克力饼干蛋糕 (Kek Batik)

材料 :

250g 消化饼  (每片饼干掰出6-8小块)

巧克力淇淋 :

220 g 苦甜巧克力纽扣
80 g 奶油
200 g 动物性鲜奶油/淡奶油
60 g 炼乳
可可粉 20 g
1 T 朗酒
1 t 柠檬皮屑 (自选)

做法 :

将淡奶油和奶油煮至微滚及奶油溶化,,离火,加入巧克力,炼乳和可可粉, 拌均. 加入rum酒,拌均.

组合 :

分次将饼干放入淇淋里,轻轻翻拌让每片饼干都沾到淇淋。舀入模具,盖上盖子, 用力摇晃和震几下模具以确保没有隙缝.  直立着冷藏冰箱3-4小时。取出,剪开纸筒脱模.淋上干那许/巧克力酱 .

*  可在淇淋里加上适量干果或坚果等丰富口感

薯片纸筒用来当模具. 里面放一圈蛋糕纸, 舀入淇淋
凝固以后从冰箱取出, 剪开纸筒脱模(尽量用比较粗大的纸筒)

撕开蛋糕纸, 抹刀稍抹平滑. 淋一层干那许.
再冷藏定型, 取出,装饰.

Ingredients  : 

digestive biscuits 250 g (each break into 6-8 pieces)

220 g bittersweet chocolate buttons
80 g butter 
200 g whipping cream
60 g condensed milk
20 g cocoa powder
1 T  rum
1 lemon zest (optional) 

Method  :

Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler, remove from heat,  mix well with the rest of ingredients .

Gradually add in the biscuits and gently stir well.  Scoop into potato chip container (line with parchment paper) Put the lid on and shake vigorously to release the air pocket entrapped in the mixture. 

Refrigerate until fully set about 3-4 hours. 
Cut across the paper container with a scissors , remove the parchment paper  and smooth the cake with spatula.

Finally,pour ganache over the cake and refrigerate to set for a few more minutes .  


  1. Can u assist with English version.

    1. Hi, Adel, the english recipe is on, pls check it out , thank you !

  2. chocolate and whipping cream 1:1, you can add 10% butter too if you want
    ie 100 g chocolate , 100 g whipping cream , 20 g butter . Cook whipping cream on low heat until slightly boil, add chocolate and butter, wait for a while and then mix well.


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